Monday, 4 September 2017

One year with Sydney.

I must admit my relationship with Sydney the Cat continues to get worse. It's a year since she arrived and we picked her up from the airport.

At first she was quite friendly but as I got more ill and she felt more secure, she got less and less friendly.

Last night she came into the front room after Robyn went to bed and got up on the settee next to my chair. She deliberately sat down at the very far end, furthest away from me, where there was lots of painful stuff that she had to sit down on. At my end there was a comfee cushion and lots of empty space....perfect for a Sydney nest.

When I went to bed she very deliberately got up and moved over to my end of the settee to make herself comfortable. I stroked her head and she hissed at me.

I retreated fairly quickly!`

Tonight she didn't come in to see me at all.

Neil Harris
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  1. Well Neil if it's any cancelation she always sat at the far end from me too. She only got close when she wanted to eat.