Friday, 29 September 2017


I had built up my hopes too much - new painkiller and a huge boost to my meds. All of which I hoped would bring down my pain and give me a nights sleep.

Didn't quite work out that way. As they had warned me, my poor old rib hurt a lot worse after the radiotherapy than it did before - that will get better.

Unfortunately, at those times when my ribs got a bit better I realised that I have a problem with another rib, that pain just got hidden by the bigger one.

The new painkiller didn't really sort out my problems and on top of that I stopped using the old one. So.......I was irritable and withdrawing after using it for about 6 months.

I got about an hours sleep all night.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that I got into a real mess with FaceBook. For some unknown reason I was reading a post about Hugh Hefner someone I knew had liked. I have no idea why but I accidentally clicked on 'like' when I didn't agree with it and even worse I also clicked on the new 'love' symbol.

It was some kind of involuntary spasm.

I then forgot how to undo that. At which point the whole FaceBook seemed to go mad and loads more posts came up so that I couldn't get back to the Hefner one.

I spent about 25 minutes tracking it down and working out how to erase my 'Love' symbol from it.

I was very frustrated; a worthless man whose worthless life was spent exploiting women and cheapening all our lives in the process.


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