Saturday, 23 September 2017

Spooking Sydney.

I'm not feeling particularly proud of myself today - last night I was a little unfair to Sydney the Grumpy Cat.

I should explain that Sydney doesn't like me and, unless Robyn is with me, she doesn't tolerate me much at all.

Last night just before I went to bed, Sydney was being particularly naughty; scratching furniture, pulling at the carpet and running around the house squarking.

In the end she gave me a very peculiar look indeed - a long and slightly frightening stare accompanied by some very loud screetching. Then she tried to stare me out again.

In the end I started staring her back and mimicking her screeches.

I'm afraid to say that in the end I spooked her and she ran off to one of the Sydney nests that fill the house.

Sydney has a new cardboard box with a roof and a number of custom entrances cut in the sides. Instead she ran into an old box with no roof and hid in it only to peak out of the top at me to see if I'd gone.

She didn't come out until I went to bed.


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