Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Superman? No, not really.

A bit of excitement today - my aircushion arrived!

I bought (actually Robyn bought it for me) an aircushion on e-bay and it came today. I need a cushion for my back in bed because pillows are too hard for it. I have osteo-porosis as a result of the drugs I'm on and my vertebrae have collapsed and stick out. Where they touch things it hurts after a while - a physical pain as opposed to the pain of cancer.

I spent £5-99p on the cushion and, as Robyn keeps pointing out to me, you get what you pay for. I still have hopes it will work out because at the very least it will mean I don't have to do my superman impersonations any more.

Life is now such a struggle, when I go to bed, I have to carry with me a whole load of stuff to get through the night. As I use two walking sticks and, because of the pain, I only move in slow-motion, it's quite an ordeal.

I have a very old aircushion that's about 30 years old and very heavy. I use it on my chair and until tonight I have to hold it in one hand while I also use a walking stick with the same hand.

One alternative was to put the cushion inside my dressing gown, close it up and tie up the cord, so that it covered my chest.

It looked like I had suddenly acquired an extraordinary six-pack, rather like superman's and completely undeserved.

It was also quite uncomfortable and there was always a risk it would fall out and I'd have a fall.

So now I have a second cushion I can just leave it in the bedroom.

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