Monday, 2 September 2013

A year ago.

This is quite a difficult week for me, not so much fun. A year ago tomorrow I went back to St. peter’s Hospital, Chertsey to have my plaster taken off, only to discover that I had an untreated dislocated fracture.

I became an unplanned emergency admission with no medication with me, a vulnerable person to care for and no one to help out.

I spent from 3-00 pm waiting in a wheelchair or later on a trolley with a drip. When the fracture clinic closed at 4pm I was moved to Accident and Emergency and waited on a trolley there for 4 hours – then to get rid of me before the 4 hours time limit expired, they moved me to a corridor in Swan Ward, where I waited on my trolley until 10-30 pm when I went into surgery.

Then 5 days waiting for the swelling to stabilise and a second operation to pin the ankle.

So, that’s why there’s this Blog, why I’m so angry. It’s also why I started my second Blog. I don’t want someone else to go through this.

In 9 days time I get my ‘meeting’ with a clinician at A and E, to deal with questions I may have about my treatment. This is over a year after the event. I have a few.

So, if I seem a bit less happy over the next few days, now you know why. Also, after tonight the music seems to have run out.


I may have to use my imagination, unless you have any suggestions.


sCLUE No 3

Here’s the question;

7000 what? By whom?


Clue Number 3;

He’s a man. (that cuts it down by 50%, should be easy now)

It’s a work of art by one of my favourite 20th century artists.

When you’ve got the answer, e-mail it in to me at;

The first right answer wins a combat bracelet, made by me.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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