Friday, 6 September 2013

One year on.


I’ve been having far too much fun on this site lately – too much music, too many silly photos, the Punk Horses.

Next week I have to find the courage to go back and have it out with a doctor from Accident and Emergency – the hospital has been messing me around for over a year now.

Above all, I mustn’t lose my temper!

This has been a more sombre week – a year ago I was in hospital between operations and I’ve been reliving it all again.

In the NHS they have a rip-off profit making internet TV system which you pay-to-view for with a smartcard – I didn’t have anyone to set that up for me so I couldn’t use it.

But every lunchtime it gave you one hour’s free viewing as a come on to buy a card. It was the last week of the Paralympics; the whole Olympic games meant a lot to me – I was stretchered in with an Olympic badge on. So in hospital every day I used my hour up on the daily Paralympic roundup.

I will never forget watching a very emotional interview with a british Paralympian who competed in the 100 metres sprint for athletes with Cerebral Palsy and had won a bronze medal.

These are highly courageous and very vulnerable athletes who have great difficulty running at all, let alone keeping to the lanes and doing it at speed.

Your heart stops watching them.

She had prepared a thank you speech for everyone who had helped her and with the greatest of difficulty she fought her way through it to mention them all.

As she finished each sentence she whispered to herself in triumph;

”There, that’s done it”

I have no idea what her name was but her courage and determination was an example to me back then and I will be drawing on it again next Wednesday.

I have a feeling that I’m not going to get the answers I’m looking for at that meeting, and when I come out I will have to renew my fight to change things at the hospital. I hope I’m wrong.

In the meantime here is a piece of nostalgia from the start of this Blog;



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