Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The second Pterodactyl.

A second pterodactyl has appeared in The Red Lion, Isleworth. Now one pterodactyl could be an unfortunate accident but two?  I feel that’s more than just a coincidence.

If you remember, last week (Blame it on the…) a pterodactyl turned up in a corner of the pub – today I spotted another one, hiding by the coat stand.

I took a picture of it:

 There must be a factory somewhere, churning them out. And no, it isn’t the same one being moved about, the other one is still perched in its spot. If there’s a third one next week I’m going to have to make enquiries.

The Jazz? Quiet pub for quiet, very reflective music. There was a lot of Charles Mingus –three numbers all really thoughtful. Two numbers by Cedar Walton, who died recently; ‘Cedar’s Blues’, Woody Shaw and Thelonious Monk.


 Kate Williams on keyboards was on very good form, Chris Biscoe had three different Saxes but spent most time on the soprano – it was that kind of music. Steve Fishwick on Trumpet. Steve Watts on Bass and Trevor Tomkins on drums made up the back row.

I was told three of the group are a big part of ‘Way Out West’, a jazz collective playing in Richmond.


sCLUE No 6
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Clue Number 6;
He was also a sculptor.
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He was very European and an early pioneer of performance art.
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 Neil Harris
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