Saturday, 21 September 2013

Competition news.

I’ve been told to get on with it – my competition that is. I’ve been told it’s been going on for too long. And, no it's not Van Gogh.

Well, I suppose the key is ‘7000’, so when that happens I’ll start to put the easy clues in. Until then;

sCLUE No 12

Here’s the question;

7000 what? By whom?


Clue Number 12;

If it’s a sculpture, it’s the biggest sculpture ever made.

The story so far;

It’s a work of art by one of my favourite 20th century artists.

He was very European, a sculptor and an early pioneer of performance art. He was enigmatic, charismatic and created a myth around his life which became a performance in itself.

Some of his sculptures were very intimate – vitrines (small glass cases) filled with everyday objects while others were huge and brutal depictions of a brutal century.

When you’ve got the answer, e-mail it in to me at;

The first right answer wins a combat bracelet, made by me.
Meanwhile, if I'm lucky, I'm all set up for my big day.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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