Monday, 30 September 2013

Autumn leaves.

As promised, here's the new programme for the Staines Riverside Club - I'm not involved in any way.

Although I can recommend The SkaSouls.

   Staines Riverside Club
10th The New Haw Leans Jug Band
24th Asylum Affair
31st The Proof – Paul Cox Band
7th The Good Old Boys
21st The Jazz Knights Orchestra
       Big Band
28th The SkaSouls
5th The New Haw Leans Jug Band
12th One for the Road
CLUE No 16
Here’s the question;
7000 what? By whom?
Clue Number 16;
He was a founder of the German Green party.
The story so far;
It’s a work of art by one of my favourite 20th century artists. If it’s a sculpture, it’s the biggest sculpture ever made. If it’s performance art it will be the longest performance…..ever.
He was German but very European, a sculptor and an early pioneer of performance art who died in 1986. He was enigmatic, charismatic and created a myth around his life which became a performance in itself.
Some of his sculptures were very intimate – vitrines (small glass cases) filled with everyday objects while others were huge and brutal depictions of a brutal century.
When you’ve got the answer, e-mail it in to me at;
The first right answer wins a combat bracelet, made by me.
 Now to business;
As Autumn arrives, Winter is near. The staffing crisis at St. Peter's Hospital Accident and Emergency is unresolved.
There has been far too much time wasted being ill or messing about having fun.
Time to restart the campaign.
You have been warned! 
Neil Harris
(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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