Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Tarrantino sort of mood.



I haven’t had the best of weeks, and over a rainy, miserable bank holiday, not the best of long weekends.

The artwork comes from a rather strange person who has decided to improve the lot of humanity by designing a font that enables people to reproduce a variety of crime scenes.

It’s a strange world – but then hey, who am I to criticise anyone?

Now where did I leave my machete; I’m in a Tarrantino sort of mood. My Jazz friends will know the reason why.

This is Dave Lewis on tenor Sax, playing in a quartet down at my Jazz Club. When he got a chance he was doing it rather well – ‘Riccardo’s Bossa’ springs to mind, but here he’s giving it some on ‘Tenor Madness’ by Sonny Rollins.

On the right here is the very fine Dave Gorman, playing the jazz organ the way I like it. While it’s not exactly the organ sound of Jimmy McGriff or Mr Hammond himself – it’s still a swingy, bluesy, hammondy kind of sound.

Got some sway into my shoulders anyway.

Trevor Tomkins, on the left there, playing immaculate drums as ever.

In the quiet moments?

I was scheming the kind of thoughts that get you into trouble. So not so bad for the tail end of a grumpy kind of weekend.

Neil Harris

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