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Do we let this go on?

OK, here are some more horror stories from NHS – Choices website, from their Patient Opinion section where you can post your story about hospital experiences.

These are three entries for St. Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey. I took them in the second week of May 2014;



"A&E bad experience, poor communication and lack..."


About: St Peter's Hospital (Chertsey) 


Posted by Anonymous  5 days ago


Where to start. My relative contacted the out of hours telephone number and eventually was transferred to the 111 service, who after taking details advised my relative to go to A&E straight away. We live between St.Peters and Frimley Park, however chose to got to St. Peter's as my relative recently had treatment there and we assumed they would have the details, especially as we thought today's problems could be related to my relatives ongoing treatment. First 4 hours wait, included an A&E assistant taking some tests, but being rude and not treating my relative with any dignity, opening the door when they were still undressed after some tests, the A&E assistant gave the impression that they were in a rush and needed to get to the next patient quickly. When you are not feeling well, you generally are unable to get dressed at a super quick pace.

Then the Doctor, or Consultant, I'm not sure...as they never ever introduce themselves, started to ask my relative, what was wrong with them, and why,exactly were they in A&E today. The tone of this person was very rude, and came across very much as wasting their time. We explained what the issue was, furthermore that the 111 service had advised to go to A&E, the response, was "but they just cover themselves". The attitude of this medical professional was, what do you expect with your condition, and intimated that the symptoms that were being suffered by my relative were "normal" using this expression a lot. My relative, is not a pushy person, in fact was once in the medical profession themselves so will tend not to over egg the point, always jumping on the slightest hope from the medical profession that in fact there is no problem. The questions were heavily loaded, so I had to interject at this point. I asked the medical professional to clarify what they were asking, they got very annoyed at this point. My relative has two hearing aids, so the Doctor should have appreciated why I was trying to make sure that my relative understood what was being asked. I explained that my relatives conditions were not "normal" for my relative and the symptoms had not been experienced for many years. The medical profession then reluctantly agreed to listen to my relatives chest, after which they said that they would order a chest X-ray to ensure everything was clear. So X-ray done, then the medical professional returned and it was like to speaking to a completely different person. A more humble, less arrogant person, who now seemed to give the impression that there was actually something not right. The chest X-ray did show an issue, but my relative was so close to that doctor discharging them with no treatment at all. I was once in this hospital myself after a visit to the A&E and it is so evident how much worse things are than my experience before. Can't type anymore as maximum 3000 characters for each review. There is so much more to say, so I will write a letter of complaint

Story from NHS Choices

This is the second complaint, it’s a common problem – to save money and reduce the number of beds in the hospital, patients are being sent home too early;



"Need alternative way to access help"



About: St Peter's Hospital / General surgery 

Posted by Silverbells (as a carer),  2 days ago

My husband had an operation and unfortunately needed a catheter fitted afterwards so he could be discharged. A few days later he was in such discomfort and pain that I needed advice, but due to my hearing loss, I cannot use the phone and could not find a neighbour to help me. I ended up walking to my GP surgery to seek help, although I was very worried about leaving my husband in the confused, painful and stressed state he was in. When I got home and after a visit from the GP, I discovered the remains of a burnt tea towel on the cooker, displaying the fact he had tried use the cooker but just could not cope and had left the tea towel to burn. Fortunately, the situation had not escalated to a full blown fire! I needed an alternative way to get help.

This is the third one – a general complaint;

About: St Peter's Hospital (Chertsey) 


Posted by Anonymous  4 days ago

Too many unqualified care staff ,whos answers are"" i have only been here a few days,i dont know,"not enough doctors,patients food left on side to go cold while they wait for some one to possibly come and help them eat,no staff to help older people to toilet so put in pads when they are not incontinent,then end up with urine infections and a catheter,lack of staff to give drinks on a regular basis,if this was a care home they would be shut down.

Hospitals should strive for excellence and be a local institution that people look up to – unfortunately our local hospitals have become commercial organisations, scheming how to take over the next door hospital rather than concentrating on serving the local community well.

We can change that, if we try. Or do we let this go on?

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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