Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Wicked Venetians; My heart was in the wrong place.




Friday night at The Hob was always going to be special: The Wicked Venetians launch party for their new mini-album on Glasstone Records;


Available on Amazon I understand but what would I know about that?

Anyway, my war with The Hob’s mist machine hasn’t gone very well. I told you I hired a crack team of Serbian special forces mercenaries to attack it for me:

Die you £$@#er! Die!!

All they did was spend my money on Peach Schnapps and sausage. Then they took one look at security and ran away.


I could construct a small thermonuclear device out of the elements from smoke detectors (google the scout who built a nuclear reactor in his shed, no really….do) or I could buy a better camera……, not that.

But it does mean there are some missed moments – like the whole of ‘Midfield Workhorse’ who were playing intelligent, lyrical songs with some wild moments, just for the heck of it.


I must have been asleep a long time to have missed these people.

Frenetic, exciting, worth staying alive for;

These pictures snatched in passing moments of clarity don’t do them justice;





This was why I was there, squashed into a corner, surrounded by their fans. Why it was always going to be a good night;

Musical, dramatic, theatrical and I’m trying to freeze shadows in a sea of mist.

Next to me, a venetian was firing off lightning sketches using a 15th century technology that the court of the Doge’s palace would have recognised – white felt tip pen on black paper.

And she was doing a better job of capturing the moment than my two dimensional cartoons could.


The Wicked Venetians; original, talented musicians – catch them if you can and now there’s a disc too.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)
You can get a slideshow if you click on any picture but you would get a better idea of what it was like from the sketchbook I saw.


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