Friday, 16 May 2014

The Reflections at The Halfway House Barnes - again.



Oh, that’s no good. It’s just not right.

I went to The Halfway House in Barnes because it’s just one month since The Reflections last appeared there and they were back again – public demand.

I’d planned to do a really in depth review this time; photos, a set list and some helpful tips and comments on each number.

I was nicely set up with a clipboard, a sound meter, my protractor set and some nice new pens as well.

Then this happened;

And then this;


And while I was standing quietly at the back of the crowd observing, my friend dragged me on the dance floor.

It’s not right; I’m weak– I’ve got a condition.

I was lucky, these poor people on the back row were forced to stand on their chairs;


The Reflections have chosen to play all the great Soul classics of the 1960’s but this isn’t pub singing.

No club singers here.

No tired, shortcutting vocals. Karaoke it ain’t.

It’s that really great sound; the hard ,tight vocals of Detroit 1965. Clipped and economical, the sound of young, black America.

It’s the sound of Soul.


The business.

The Reflections

I’ve nothing against The Halfway House but you aren’t going to be seeing this band there much longer – there are bigger venues crying out for this and the word is getting out.


I was at the far side which is why the photos aren’t any good. Or maybe it’s because my camera was bobbing up and down at about 120 bpm – Northern Soul time.

Certainly, around me was a definite Soulboy contingent. Where else would I want to be?

Still haven’t found those white sox.
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Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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