Monday, 26 May 2014

Sweet A-Dam.


I did it again…


Magic Bus!

Got my ticket, I’m off again! Roadtrip!

Where am I going at midnight on Friday?

It’s wet.

It’s windy (a bit).

It’s cool.

It’s naughty.

They like liquorice but they like it salty.

It’s nice.

You can buy Belgian beer there (Kwak!).

You can eat Chinese and Indonesian.

There’s cool jazz….mmmmmh!

The Police carry machine guns.

They like chips but they don’t call them French Fries.

There are a lot of Diamond geezers.

Pancakes, Neuwe Haring, Amstel Gold, Ajax, art, windmills, cumin, canals, Rembrandt, flea markets, The Zeedijk (eat as much as you like - Zeedijk), Van Gogh, Apple Torte (oh yeah), bicycles, The Nine Little streets, The Pipe, Clogs, Edam, Harlemmerstraat, Centraal Station, IJ, Old Jodenbreestraat, Neuwe Jodenbreestraat, Jordan, Dam, Trams, Damrak, snoepewinkel, gennefer, Leliegracht, did I mention Amstel Gold?


Oh Jaaaa!

Overnight by coach both ways, a day in Amsterdam, all for £39-00p.

And then there’s the little matter of finding somewhere really exciting to do an injection….I wonder where that will be?

I am so excited, to see a dear old friend again.

Sweet A-Dam.

Oh Jaaaa!

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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