Sunday, 11 May 2014

The SkaSouls down at The Airman.


Friday and more nostalgia – it’s got to stop and I’ve lined up a cure on Saturday night…..but once more couldn’t do at once more couldn;t daythe ny harm, could it?

I’m back at my old patch; Feltham and the Airman Pub to see The Skasouls.


I’ve been there when it’s all been about to go off and I’ve been there when it really has gone off but tonight there was a great atmosphere. It was a mixture of young people celebrating the end of a week before they went on ‘somewhere else’ and us old ‘uns enjoying a special band. It was packed solid.

There was dancing till midnight and a lot of familiar faces;


On the 25th May at Chertsey, The SkaSouls are launching their new album with a big fanfare in front of a really big crowd – I’m guessing 500 will be packed into a marquee at The Chertsey Social club (you need to get tickets in advance for this one).

It’s going to be a bit too big for me, which is why I’ll probably give it a miss – but it will be great.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production) 

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