Saturday, 3 May 2014

Lord John back in Bagshot.

Lord John

6 months on and I’m back at The Three Mariners in Bagshot to see Lord John – MOD band.

Oh was I ill back then – I’m a bit better now. Actually back then I was….well I won’t go into that. So it’s a bit of a miracle to be back there for this event sponsored by;

Which, is the only place to get your stylish haircut or artistic tattoo done on Bagshot High Street. Unfortunately, I think I've left it a bit late to take advantage of any of their special offers.
Many of the Tats you’ve seen in my pictures came from SK7.
Unfortunately, my band photos aren’t up to my usual standard – I had a bit of harassment. No idea who it was;


Lord John were relying on two guest vocalists – Matt and Pippa (she from The Reflections Soul and Motown band, back almost immediately at The Halfway House, Barnes on the 14th May – by popular demand).

Then there were these two;

The less I say about them the better.

Those Facebook photos?

Luckily I'm being rather cool and detached about my free Lord John badge.
Which, of course, I wouldn't have killed for.
Hopefully you like the rather exciting pens, tastefully displayed in my top pocket.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)
Check out The BoomBox Taster - Saturday night at the Hobgoblin, Staines.
All the young talent from the local college in a showcase for their BoomBox festival coming up in June.
Early Start, lots of bands. 

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