Sunday, 4 May 2014

Shape of things to come; a taste of Boomboxlive 2014.

Saturday night and there was only one place to be - another special night down at the Hobgoblin-


This was a taster night for the Boombox 2014 festival which explodes on the 21st June 2014 at Brooklands College in Ashford. It was rammed.


These are the people behind it;

They support and help young bands in Spelthorne and here’s the Boombox festival site itself;

As ever Facebook is probably the best way to get to them – you can find that for yourself.

The Hob was heaving – lots of young people and not a few proud parents in the audience.

I was late so only caught the end of the two acoustic duos that started it all off but then you’re going to the festival anyway – you can catch them there?

This is ‘Chasing Cara’;

Playing their own thoughtful stuff (indie with teeth) and ending up with a lively song for Ian Curtis. I nearly used the word nice there – that wouldn’t do, not for Ian.

Here’s their lead.

I was watching them play and thinking back to the bleak, monochrome/beige world of Joy Division where nothing much ever happened…this really is a different time and place.

Helping me snap out of that thought was the shockwave coming from 'Room 4';

And yes, in real life they are all smaller than they look here.
Big sound though. 

A complete rocket powered, duel-exhaust, nitro-fuelled blast of heavy metal. Mainly their own stuff but ending up with Motorhead’s Ace of Spades.

Now those who know me know that metal is never going to be my thing (don't start me off about Lemmy) but if it’s your thing you’d better watch out for this lot.

What really frightens me is that they are going to grow.

Next, no stranger to The Hob are ‘Girl in The Garden’;

A sheer wall of sound and as it got louder you can see that I got pushed further and further back by the crowd.

Finally a real treat for me, although they’ve been around quite a while now;

 This is ‘According to You’ and they played a blinder;


All their own material, lots of energy;

Lots of beat and a crowd getting more excited by the minute

They are definitely on my list.

If you weren’t there you missed quite a night.

The secret?

It was all put together by people who give a #.

So if you’re teenage you should definitely be putting Boombox in your diary now – it’s going to be quite a day and you get to see bands who are going to be something in the years to come.

If you’re in a local band you need to be contacting the links I’ve posted here – these people can help you.

And the Hob donated the door takings to the festival, isn’t that a nice thing to do?

As I said, people who give a #
For a slideshow and better quality, click on any photo.
Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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