Saturday, 10 May 2014

No Lip, Demon Smiles and Wrank at The Cave, Addlestone.

I don’t think this is MOD night;

 Nice Tee, but it doesn’t look like MOD night at all;

No, it really isn’t - I may be in the wrong place;

No way, it’s;


My favourite Punk band and they’ve taken me straight back to 1978 to The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Ruts, The Ramones, Sham 69 and lots more.
I did a review of them here, with some memories that mean a lot to me;

And it was all happening down in 'The Cave' at The Holly Tree, Addlestone – where Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69, The Jam and a whole load of other bands cut their teeth in days gone by.

So, a lot of memories. It's a drug I try to stay clear of because in life there is no going back.

But if you want an some idea of the excitement of 77, when we were all going mad and 'The World turned Dayglo'- this is as near as you'll ever get. But then you weren't there were you?

History qistory – this was fun, even if it's not exactly MOD night;

This was the second taster for Undercover at Bisley (19/21 September 2014) – that’s too far ahead for me to plan for, so these nights are all I'll be able to manage.

But hey, how lucky am I?

There were two other bands on the bill as well; ‘Wrank’ a lively punk band and Demon Smiles from Brighton – here’s their guitarist;

I really enjoyed ‘The Train North’ which, I suppose, if you live in Brighton has all the thrill that the ‘Road to Brighton’ has for us.

It’s really tough trying to make it as a band, and it doesn't get tougher than struggling all the way up from Brighton on a Thursday for no money.

When I see these great bands taking such trouble to play for us, that's why I do these reviews.
Click a picture for a slideshow.

'No Lip' are playing The North Star in Staines on the 31st, although I'm hatching plans of my own that night....

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)





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