Thursday, 8 May 2014

Tony the Teeth.

I’ve been struggling through another crisis – my 94 and three quarter years old Mum broke her false teeth again (third time this year) and I’ve been making some more frantic trips to Walton on Thames to her Dental Technician:
                                       P. and T.

                             DENTAL LABORATORY
                71 Cottimore Lane, Walton on Thames.

                                  01932 231706

                                  07958 248916

                                  07951 436775

In fact he really went the extra mile for us, this is the queue of teeth, waiting to be fixed;


Here are a few samples of what they do;


This is the workshop;

These are my Mum’s gnashers being fixed by Tony who worked late last night to get them ready early, before the weekend.


Because he was so nice, I thought I’d really embarrass him by posting his picture to say thank you;

                Antonini Fregapane

So if you need your gnashers sorted, don’t bother with a dentist, now you know where to go.

You need to speak to Tony, known to his friends as ‘Tony the Teeth’.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

(I thought he’d quite like the Ferrari font and click on a picture for a slideshow)


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