Wednesday, 28 May 2014

World Cup Dreams.


I’ve got football on my mind, it’s the World Cup next month. Didn’t think I’d get to see this one, won’t see another.

Do you think I'm looking forward to it? Yeah, I'm going to enjoy it a lot. I need my world cup wall chart, bad.

I saw this in the window of a shop in Chertsey selling executive toys for rich businessmen – Jukeboxes etc. It’s made from old French football tables and I have to admit it is a little cool.

Of course, I’ll be wearing my England shirt – but I’m never going to pay £65 for one. Mine's vintage (repro) – and not from a charity shop either.

If it’s going to be out of date, it has to be really out of date.

If it’s old it doesn't just have to be obscure.

It has to be really obscure.

Mine is the most obscure.




My shirt's from the best ever World Cup – Mexico 1970.

The World Cup with the best team ever – Brazil 70.

The World Cup which had the best game ever – Brasil v England.
That was Pelé vs Moore and Banks.

The World Cup with the best ever England Team (and the worst of its managers) – that’s the team that had a 2 – 0 quarter final lead over the best ever West German team; until the manager threw it away, that is.

So, is it the red of England or the white?

Eh no, it’s Sky Blue; that's the alternate third strip, that’s the one that was only ever used just the once – against Czeckoslovakia in 1970.

Don’t remember it? Not many do.

That’s because it’s really, really obscure.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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