Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A real live DMC12!

Any idea what this is?

I'm being self indulgent; at The Denham fair there was a section for veteran cars.

How about this?

In front is an enormous 'Plymouth; behind is a 'Dodge'. The Plymouth is obviously waiting at a drive in burger bar;

While the Dodge has come straight out of WW2;

And what about this?
An immaculate 'Pontiac', but this is the car I want;
It's a DeLorean DMC 12! 

Probably the most elegant car ever made - John DeLorean was a controversial engineer who tried and failed to revolutionise the US car industry.
He then set up a company to build his own revolutionary car in Northern Ireland with the help of a huge public subsidy.
The money soon ran out and when DeLorean was arrested by the FBI attempting to raise money through a cocaine deal, the company went bankrupt.
DeLorean was to be found not guilty but it was too late. As he said when he left court; "Whose going to buy a used car from me?".
It doesn't matter; elegant lines, brushed stainless steel bodywork, gullwing doors...what other car would you chose for "Back to the future"?
I had to wait a long time for the crowd to part enough for me to get a picture of a DeLorean.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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