Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Day out!

So, big day today, I've got to put on my back brace and pick up my walking frame;

I'm off up to the big city for a scan.

Back in January, when I was a bit better than I am now, I headed off to Charing Cross on the Underground for a scan only to find when I checked the letter on the train that I needed to go to St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington.

That was a cold sweat moment but I made it!

This time I'm back up at St. Mary's  but I can't manage on the Tube so it's 'Plan B'; I'm catching an over ground train from Slough.

That's easy but the problem is going to be finding somewhere to park that's near enough to the station for me to make it.

I'll let you know how that turns out.


It's a year ago that I asked Robyn out....."How would you like to see a Soul band?".

I wouldn't have remembered that unless she'd reminded me.

It was an amazing summer; not like the last 6 months have been.

An unbelievable year.

We were very lucky; just imagine if she'd said no?

A few weeks ago I said that my back changes everything; that I needed to find something new, something significant to do with the rest of my life?

Still haven't worked that one out yet.....I'll let you know when I come up with a new idea.

Suggestions are welcome.

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