Monday, 25 May 2015

Cultural exchange.

We've been having a cultural exchange; I've been introducing Robyn to cricket on the village green.

It's been going very well....even if she's still talking about 'Pitcher's' and 'bases'.

The wicket looks very fresh - it was quite damp and cold so the bowlers (OK 'pitchers') were having a really tough time.

It's a long way away from high summer.

But it was nice!

Tomorrow's 'Memorial Day' and because I have no idea what that's about I asked Robyn to do me a piece to explain all about it.

Here's a piece by Robyn G. May;

So, last year I told you about Labor Day the unofficial end of summer. Well, today is Memorial Day – the unofficial start of summer.

Memorial Day – the last Monday of May – was originally called decoration day after the end of the Civil War. It is a Federal Holiday to honor soldiers who have died while serving in the Armed Forces. Over the years people have used Memorial to honor all their deceased loved ones; however in military cemeteries volunteers still decorate the graves of veterans with American flags. Cemeteries are packed with people taking flowers to gravesites. Vendors line cemetery entrances selling wreaths and bouquets to lay on the graves. As a teenager I spent several Memorial Day weekends at a cemetery with my Aunt selling flowers and refreshments to people who came to honor their loved ones. It may sound a bit opportunistic but trust me when you have to drive twenty miles or more to get to the cemetery you are happy there is a place to purchase flowers otherwise you’ll arrive empty handed and your loved one’s grave will be bare.

Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial start to summer, meaning summer activities start on Memorial Day. Even though there’s almost a month until the actual start of summer, seaside resort towns open their attractions, amusement parks open or extend their hours, kids are buzzing because school is almost over for the year and of course Barbeque season begins!

Just like Labor Day we fire up our grills and celebrate a welcomed day off with family and friends. If the weather is good we’ll have a day full of good food and drink, music, socializing, and games.

Memorial Day is also one of the busiest travel days of the year in America. It’s estimated (by AAA) that 37.2 million people (33 million by car) will travel this year over the Holiday weekend. The most popular destinations this year (according to Google research) include beach towns Myrtle Beach, SC and Ocean City, MD, National Parks Pisgah and Yellowstone and amusement parks Hershey Park (Pennsylvania) and Disney World.  
So, what will Neil and I be doing today? If I had my way we’d have a few friends over for a BBQ. Burgers, hot dogs, seafood salad (which I really did make for us yesterday), potato salad, deviled eggs, and tossed salad. We’d quench our thirst with iced tea or some kind of punch (preferably spiked). And after hours of relaxing, shooting the breeze and playing a game or two we’d finish with some fruit salad and maybe a slice of pound cake. Sounds like a good day to me!

I dunno....but the start of summer....that sounds good.

Neil Harris

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