Monday, 11 May 2015

The Lammas at Staines in springtime.

Sunday and we were going mad - over the last few days there were a couple of chances to go out and I wasn't up to it.

So, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we went down to the River Thames at Staines.

It's May, and the Wisteria was flowering everywhere, leaving a heavy, heady scent.

This is a narrowboat, built small to fit in a canal. He's doing his rounds, selling coal and diesel fuel to the boats. There's a fuel pump in the middle.

It's a floating garage;

When we didn't have anywhere to go to last summer, we spent evenings at The Lammas by the river, it means a lot to us.

We fed the birds; ducks swans and geese.

It was beautiful; warm and sunny. We sat on our bench by the lazy river.

The May flies were out and about, dancing over the water.

Once in a while a fish would come up to catch a fly.

People came to feed the birds and eat ice cream.

I was in a fair bit of pain but it was a nice day.

Neil Harris
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