Thursday, 14 May 2015

On top of the world.

We went for a picnic!

It was a beautifully sunny May day and we headed off to Cobham, which is a quiet little Surrey town.

This is 'The Grist Mill' where they used to mill the leftovers after a first run;

There used to be a really big old mill but in the war a Canadian tank ran into it and after another accident it was demolished.

Which is a shame because the area around the mill is delightful. There's a mill race and stream which runs into the main river and an area where you can sit and just admire the view.

The water from the river powered the mill;

We sat on a bench nearby, lapping up the sun and saying hallo to some of the local residents;

I'm not sure about that one, I think it's a female pheasant but I really have no  idea. She liked our bread though.

Cobham may be quiet but it was celebrating while we were there - The flags were out.  Chelsea Football club have their training ground nearby and the town was celebrating because they won the premier league title.

The shops are very expensive; it's a wealthy area and there are a number of superstar footballers living there or in Oxshott. I did spot a some Chelsea kit in the charity shops but I'm not a supporter.

And, you would need to be a superstar to afford the prices.

Then we headed for the Epsom Downs, famous for the racetrack which is getting ready for the 'Epsom Derby' at the beginning of June. There will be about a quarter of a million people there then but when we were there it was quiet.

We went up there for the view - it is amazing. You can see most of London laid out before you.

It was sunny but a bit hazy. My camera doesn't do it justice, I'm afraid.

But you can see all the skyscrapers, the old Post Office Tower and The Shard which now dominates the south bank of the river.

It was nice to get out even if I was suffering by the end of it.

Neil Harris

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