Saturday, 23 May 2015

Consolation prize.

We went out looking for another invisible train - that's what Robyn calls them.

When I had a fortnight's respite last September, we went down to the south coast for the day and I tried to have a look at the steam trains on The Bluebell Railway. We were too late.

Then earlier this week I heard that a steam train was passing through Staines.

So I forced Robyn out as I thought we'd watch it go past - it was cancelled.

Another invisible train.

So today I heard there was another one due and in the last minute we headed down to the station, got there a bit too late and just as we got to the railway line it went through.

I would have taken a picture except in the rush I had my camera on 'movie' and took a film instead. Unfortunately, I don't have the software to convert it to windows, so I can't show you it.

It is something amazing, even though it was going fairly slowly through the station. People pay a lot of money to take these excursions; a long line of luxury Pullman cars, dining rooms and beautifully restored carriages.

At the front, pulling it all, a giant A1 class express steam locomotive. Robyn's photo caught the number and we looked  it up on the web.

The train was rescued from scrap by a group of enthusiasts who somehow raised the money to rebuild it, forming a preservation society to do it.

It's a huge achievement and now they rent out the engine for these trips.

It's just a shame that it's the third invisible steam engine we've seen so far.

The fish and chips? We were so irritated at another failure that we went to Jack's fish and chips shop and discovered that it's half price at lunchtime.

Who knew?

Then we made that an invisible meal.

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