Thursday, 21 May 2015

Up on the Chiltern Hills.

We went out for the afternoon - to where The Chiltern Hills meet the outskirts of London.

We stopped off at a couple of places and I climbed my first flight of stairs since I broke my back. In a charity shop, of course!

This is historic Amersham, a rich old town. The building you can just make out in the middle of the high street is the old 'Corn Exchange' and Town hall. It was built on stilts to make it difficult for the rats to get at the corn.

At the side of The Old Corn exchange you can see the old town pump where the 'plumbing' is unfortunately made of lead; 

You can't make it out but the lettering on the lead dates this at 1785!

The town is even older - there's a plaque commemorating 'The Domesday Book' which was a Norman inventory of the wealth of the country, completed in 1086;

And I'm always a sucker for some old cobblestones;

Remember when Robyn and me went down to The Thames at Staines a couple of weeks ago?

We were sitting there watching the Mayflies dancing in the spring sunshine.

This is a shop display of some fishermen's flies and they have made the right choice; Mayflies.

They look fairly realistic to me, at least some of them do;

This is the Kings Arms with genuine timber frames from medieval times. I think it's more a restaurant and a hotel than a coaching inn these days;

It's one of the wealthiest parts of the country, so the old shops are now all expensive boutiques.

We had planned to go to Denham but I got lost and then I meant to go to Chesham but got too tired so eventually we went home.

Who knows, we may make it back again!

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