Thursday, 7 May 2015

Made it.

This fuzzy picture was taken from my train just outside Paddington station.

It would almost be my last word on the election except that there is still time to vote; get out there and vote Labour!

For anyone who isn't a tax dodging parasite another Tory government will result in massive cuts to state benefits, less social housing, tax cuts for the wealthy, more inequality, an NHS starved of resources and everything that moves will be sold off or privatised.

Make a change! Vote Labour!

We got to St. Mary's Hospital for my scan- I drove to Slough and caught the over ground train because it took me almost there.

I was amazed how much it cost to park at the station; £7-10p for a few hours. I didn't have much choice - Slough demolished the pedestrian tunnel that used to connect the old bus station to the shopping centre. 

So, I would have had to walk a lot further and cross a duel carriageway to get to the station - that would have been fun with a walking frame.

On the train I was like the character in the comic sketch - he goes into a bar pretending to be blind and after he has had a lot to drink starts to collide with the other drinkers, smashing glasses and furniture as he does so until the barman makes him leave.

He's too embarrassed to make him pay.

Trains are not built for walking frames and you still have to pay.

People gave me a wide berth as I tried to move my walking frame around.

Paddington is one of London's nicest stations even if it is impossible to work out where you need to get your train from.

This 1930's extension is very grand and celebrates the Great Western Railway of the Engineer Brunel; responsible for some of the wonders of the Victorian world.

But this the way in to one of the nicer London stations; and not surprisingly it's where Paddington Bear found himself looking for a home. 

When I got home I fell asleep for about an hour and a half.

Next week I've got to work out how I get back to Charing Cross but we made it.

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