Wednesday, 13 May 2015

No more tobogganing!

That was tough - a day spent at Charing Cross Hospital.
The poster is one of many on the walls of the corridors near the pharmacy.
It's a 1930's Great Western Railway poster advertising the delights of a trip up to London from the country.
Anyway, we drove up to Hounslow to catch the bus to Hammersmith; it was a nightmare.
Buses aren't designed for the disabled and there certainly isn't room for a walking frame. After 12, I gave up counting the number of times I got barged into.
I got there late and then found that a bottle of Bubble soap had leaked all over the things in my bag.
We were there all day - no blood test results as I was in hospital a month a go and it didn't get done.  So I'm none the wiser and maybe that's for the best.
I needed a blood test and another 'infusion' to try and hold my poor old bones together.
We left home at 0830 and got back at 1730. I was pretty much wasted by the end of it all.
Up till now I haven't been out of the house longer than 4 hours so it's good.
Oh, and I asked Dr Feelgood what kind of things I shouldn't do;
"Things like tobogganing or skiing".
So, the way I see it that leaves quite a long list of foolishness to get through in the next month.
Nice to see Dr Feelgood again!
Neil Harris

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