Wednesday, 14 October 2015

54000 Thanx!

Many thanks for taking the Blog to 54000 views, it's really great.
There's a reason for it all, otherwise I would have called the Blog something like 'Getting lost with Robyn and Neil' which probably best describes what I do these days.
Keeping the Blog active, getting hits, moves it up the search engine results.
So when people Google 'St. Peter's Hospital', somewhere down the list you get my Blog showing up.....and some of those people who are dealing with the kind of negligence I was up against find that they are not alone.
Over the last few months I've also been highlighting problems at 'The Abraham Cowley Unit' which is the psychiatric block at St. Peter's.
It's not the same Trust, it just shares some of the land.
I've been posting inquest reports which highlight the very real problems at the Unit; they are longstanding. Too many people have died.
Over the last couple of months several (actually more than several) people have contacted me after reading my Blog. Most are relatives of patients, some are patients. Obviously it's all confidential.
The point is that if no one read my silly blog, when people worried about the Unit Googled 'Abraham Cowley'.....they wouldn't think anything was wrong.
Well things are very wrong and my Blog collects the incidents and puts them in one place so that people can easily access them.
So, once again thank you!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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