Friday, 16 October 2015

Recycling two.

I've been pretty ill; I'll spare you the details but it's a toss up whether its just a virus or a sign of something worse.

Poor Robyn is catching me up.

So in between sleeping I've been wasting time with some more recycling that anyone can do.

First take a fizzy drink bottle and cut the top off at the neck. It works better with a 2 litre bottle because it's shallower but I didn't have one.

I cut them with a saw and then use a match to soften the edges (a lighter or a candle will do) but you should do it outside to avoid the fumes and be careful not to burn either it or yourself.

This will do;

Then take a bag which you want to close up tight - like frozen food, nuts or sweets;

Undo the bottle cap and feed the top of the bag through the neck of the bottle;

Push the top of the bag over the thread of the bottleneck;

Screw the bottle cap onto the thread of the neck as if you were closing the bottle but sealing the bag tight as you do it;

It's watertight and airtight and above all it doesn't cost a thing.
Once again, this is not my invention but there are countless people who have posted how to do this on the net.
Have a go?
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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