Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Taking a chance on a Monday night.

I'm still ill but we decided to go to our Jazz club anyway.

It may not be sensible (it's getting colder) but it's therapy, in a way.

We aren't having a great week - the TV broke. It's a huge and heavy old fashioned monster of a set and we've no idea how we are going to get rid of it.

It's just sitting there, looking hurt, watching us instead.

It's very unfair, it only needed to last a bit longer. So at the moment I'm sulking and watching a tiny old portable.

I think my laptop has a bigger screen.

Even the pub where we go to see Jazz is under threat from developers. It means a lot to us; it's where we met.

For me there have been whole periods when I've had to fight to get there, to snatch a short while away from caring from my Mum or struggling in when I've been ill.

Always an achievement to get there.

Once again, it only needs to keep going a bit longer!

Last night was fabulous, a great quintet.

Trevor Tomkins on drums was backed up by Alec Dankworth on bass - I wasn't agile enough to catch them.

This is Quentin Collins on trumpet and Dave O'Higgins on sax, both in full flight;

Meanwhile Robyn was getting fed up with me because I always fail to get a picture of Leon Greening who plays tends to hide, hunched over the keyboard in a corner.

He's one of our favourite keyboard players so she borrowed my camera for this shot as I'd given up;

Leon has his own band and we keep promising ourselves we'll catch him in the limelight.
Meanwhile, we spent an evening enjoying some of the finest sounds of Modern Jazz - Ronnie Scotts regulars at pub prices!
Neil Harris
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