Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Tower garage, Egham.

I'm still ill - Robyn's ill too and all because some selfish so and so coughed all over me at the hospital.


I took these pictures about three weeks ago and never got round to using them.

I love 1930's architecture and I've posted about classic buildings like The Isokon Building in Hampstead and the De la Warr pavilion in Bexhill.

They were big profile buildings designed by cutting edge architects, often from the continent.

Bu there were other buildings too; cheaper, smaller, low budget affairs, built by local architects.

Perhaps a hotel, maybe a cinema but the new ideas of 'The International Modern Style' filtered down to local high streets too. Many of them have been lost......they weren't so well built or so well loved.

This is the world famous 'Maranello' dealership in Egham;

These days it's famous because it's probably the main UK Ferrari dealership although they also sell Porche and Maserati.

This is where the rich and famous buy their cars.

lt's also where enthusiasts working on a tight budget come to buy parts - they are the biggest supplier of Ferrari parts in the UK.

It may be expensive but it's still possible to DIY!

Really, it should be famous because of the amazing building - there's been a garage on this main road since 1900 and it evolved quite a lot before it ended up like this;

This incarnation was built in 1935 and, like a number of garages of that era, they wanted an 'Art Deco' look because it went with the glamorous image of the cars they were trying to sell in the middle of 'The Great Depression'.

Then it was known as 'The Tower Garage' and no one locally had seen anything like it before.

Like some glamorous film star, posing in a spotlight.

Somehow it survived and was renovated some years ago - it's 'Grade Two Listed' now; it's protected.

I suppose my only problem with it is that nowadays you can see the roof of the parts store over the old flat roof - breaking the roofline is unfortunate.
But the parts have to go somewhere and Maranello should be applauded for realising that the fine building they are temporary custodians of is really an asset rather than a problem.
My guess is that it makes it easier to sell cars.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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