Monday, 5 October 2015

Carters Steam fair 2015.

We went to Carters Steam Fair on Saturday night - the fair was in town!

I normally go on Sunday when its was really busy and I got barged about by the crowd (which hurt!) but we wanted to see the fireworks.

It's like having a reunion with an old friend once a year;

Almost every thing is driven by steam engines, these are the mighty 'steam yachts' (giant swings);

With a broken back I can't really do much but we saw 'The Steam Gallopers';

Who could resist?

I had to invest in some tokens, the one on the right has the face of Joby Carter on it;

I couldn't get on the horses but we chose a seat and this is the result;

It was every bit as good as Robyn's photo!

There's a steam engine powering the lights and turning the Merry-go-round. The figures are famous music hall stars of the 19th and 20th centuries ;

There's a magnificent steam powered fairground organ built by Gavioli and Sons and lovingly restored;

And these days they have real 'Dodgem Cars' - complete with 50's Rock 'n Roll and graphics to match.

Surely riding the cars like this is the best job in the world?

The last Dodgem I saw was at Dismaland!
Anna and the late Joby Carter were art students and put on events after leaving college. I don't believe they had any connection with Showmen but gradually they bought up and saved broken down old fairground rides as they were being phased out.
Even in the 1960's, some of these old machines were probably forgotten and rotting in the back of Showmen's yards.
As you can see, the restorations have been carried out with real love - last year I posted pictures of the 'Ghost Ride', with its 1950's science fiction/horror inspired graphics.
After Joby died, Anna and her son John carried on the tradition and the fair is now a glorious mobile museum of fun; the families travel in immaculately restored caravans, pulled by equally beautifully restored 1930's lorries.
The whole fair is just a joy - every one loves it.
And Robyn and I enjoyed the fireworks too, a great display.
12 months ago we were here on our one and only 'respite' - the year has been such a struggle and a fight since then, with worse to come.
It was great to make it back again.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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