Saturday, 10 October 2015

Meeting Matthew.

A few weeks ago we bumped into Matthew who plays bass for 'Tapestry', a local band we used to see at The Hobgoblin in Staines before the owners turned the music off for good.

I've been ill all week and it's finally given me a chance to check out his new solo e.p. which is called "Chapter One".

If you want to hear it (it's not what you would expect from me) here's the link to soundcloud;…/…/matthew-tinnuche-one-man

Matthew describes it as 'Looped Percussive Acoustic Ambient' music.......which is not really my thing at all.

But he's very good at it an Robyn tells me I should forget about The Hobgoblin and listen to more of this kind of thing!

I'm not sure about that but if you want to hear some relaxing, well played solo ambient you can find Matthew Williams/ One man on Facebook and he performs live too.

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