Saturday, 28 November 2015

57000 Thanx.


Thank you for taking the Blog to 57,000!

I think there's something to celebrate on Google Plus views as well only the hospital Wi Fi has blocked me from Google +, YouTube, games, music streaming, videos and anything really interesting.


Unfortunately, my kidney really does seem to have been beaten up as it's still bleeding quite badly and it should have stopped by now, so I'm going to be here a while yet.

Robyn went back and found the plaque for the statue of the 'Climber' I posted about yesterday.

It's by David Mach and is called 'Elevator 2006' and was funded by The National Lottery and The Arts Council.

It was commissioned to brighten up the stairwell when The Riverside Wing was refurbished and the artists description of what he was trying to achieve is roughly as I said but I haven't been able to find a downloadable version I can post here.

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