Monday, 9 November 2015

Impact Tours are no more.

I had some very sad news - Impact Tours are no more.

This is a photo I took when Robyn and me stole a day and escaped to the Isle of Wight in August last year; 

That day meant everything to us - we were able to find some time just to be together.
I've no idea what happened but the legendary West London day trips are no more.
It's a huge loss for me, even if I'm not really fit for the journeys these days.
In 2014 when my cancer treatment won me a short window of good health and whenever I could get cover (I was a carer) I went off on their daytrips to the continent.
If I'm anywhere near 'sane' today it's because of those escapes.  
In June 2014 I made it back to Amsterdam; 
In May I got back to my beloved Paris, and in October I managed to persuade Robyn to join me there again.
For anyone who doesn't know, these day trips involved catching a coach at midnight on Friday in West London, arriving at about 11 00am to give you 12 hours in the city before you caught the coach back at about 10 00pm to arrive back where you started on Sunday morning.
I loved it!
I'm not so sure about Robyn though, this is a picture she took of me sleeping on the ferry on the way to France last October;  

I don't think she was at all impressed but not bad for someone with advanced cancer - thanks Dr Feelgood!
Isn't this view worth it? 
And this is our padlock which we locked onto the little fence in the square above the Rue Azais at the top of Monmartre.
Very special, I hope it's still there.
Apart from anything else this year, it's been very sad to watch some favourite bands split up, to lose some wonderful music venues (The Hobgoblin's closure was a real blow) and now Impact has gone too.
Generations of West London people who were either short of money or short of time (or both) will now not have the chance to get to the Northern European cities for a day.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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