Sunday, 8 November 2015

Shakatak at Nells Jazz and Blues Club.

This was a big surprise and a nice one too; we actually got onto the 'Guestlist' for Shakatak at Nells Jazz and Blues Club.

That's never happened before and I'm not sure how we got so lucky - it's a nightclub!

At any minute I was expecting the Jazz Police to arrive and throw us out.

Nells is a really easy journey in for us; I'd say it's a little smaller than Ronnie Scotts but with better layout and views.

Perfect for Jazz or Soul.

We both like it - it's a good place to hang out.

This is who we came to see;

The only problem was a strict 'No Flash' policy so the rest of the pictures are thanks to Robyn. G. May's mobile phone.

Shakatak were one of a number of bands that brought Jazz into the music scene in the 1980's although not from a MOD direction like my favourite music.

This is 'Jazz Funk' fusion and these days there's a strong Latin rhythm element going on there too.

Actually they are quite 'smooth' and that makes them much more Robyn's thing than mine - they've collaborated with Al Jarreau.

Shakatak are still Roger Odell on drums, Bill Sharp on keyboards, Jill Sawad on vocals, flute and percussion and George Anderson on bass.

We also saw Alan Wormold on guitar and Jacqui Hicks on backing vocals, flute and saxophone who play with them when they tour.

They're still regularly touring and they release new work but for me there will always be a definite 1980's groove here.

I remembered their early 80's hits; 'Dark is the night', 'Down on the street', 'Day by Day' which most people of that era would have heard.

Best of all was their 1982 hit 'Nightbirds' which brings back a lot of memories for me.

They may have been around for over 30 years but there aren't too many compromises here.

This is George Anderson slapping out a fine and funky bassline; even doing a drum and bass solo with Roger Odell.  

Jill Saward played some fine Latin percussion while Bill Sharp's clear keyboards really defined their music.

It was a really nice evening - like I said, Nells is a really good place to hang out: 

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