Sunday, 15 November 2015

Tree House Fire at Baroosh!

It's been a rough week and by Saturday night we were going stir crazy.

I still haven't really got over the closure of The Hobgoblin; it was the ideal music venue and the nearest thing I had to a 'local'.

For one night only, the ghost of 'The Hob' came back to Staines; Tree House Fire played Baroosh!;

It was strange, to say the least.

Baroosh! is everything I'm not; trendy, fashionable and expensive. But for one night only the bar was full of regulars from The Hob, including me.

We saw Jenson Nightingale and Paul Mundy helped out on the sound which really needed a great sound engineer like him.

There were Hob musicians and a number of the usual and Robyn!

Tree House Fire play reggae;

It's not the kind of reggae I grew up with - very 2015.

It's fusion;

Also they usually play differently every time I see them; last night there was a heavy Dub sound;

It was a good night and in a year of 'goodbyes' it was nice to have a night of good memories.

There are big efforts to breath life into the music scene in Staines, there is a Facebook page; Alternative Music in Staines. It's going to be a struggle - a number of bands I liked have given up and the opportunities to see bands are declining quickly.

I have to admit that a long night took its toll on me.

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