Saturday, 21 November 2015

Spinning with The M25 Fire Spinners.

I've been fairly ill for the last fortnight - at times it's been really grim but we'd been looking forward to Friday night for a month.

So we ended up waiting at 9pm on Egham High Street - deserted except for a few people walking their dogs.

We had lager and paraffin and then when we saw the procession coming our way we set off our glow sticks to welcome the M25 Fire Spinners! 

We were heading for the River Thames and the M25 motorway bridge;

It's a secret world, an amazing place - at night dark and industrial - the evil child of bored architect who designed a space that no one was ever meant to see.
Then once a month it's transformed into a very human space by the M25 Fire Spinners.

There's music and, of course, lots and lots of fire;

There are some very skilful people there;

My little camera could never really do it justice so occasionally I had to slip into flash;

But that doesn't really show you how exciting it is;

Or how great the bridges are lit up by paraffin;

And just take a look at this - believe me it's much better live;

So then the moment came when I had to have a go. I'm not sure who looks more worried here although I'm not actually bothered about fire;

Starting up here;

I like that a lot!

Oh yeah!

Then Robyn had a go;

And she's good.

Doesn't she look great?

We came away early - I'd had a rough week.

As we walked along the river we took a look at the Moon high in the sky;

And a last look back at the Fire Spinners far away, spinning into the night;

Few people in my situation get to spend such a magical evening amongst such nice people. Two hours disappeared in a matter of moments while the rest of the world just slumbered by the T.V. unaware of what they could be doing under the busy M25.

Who knows what we'll be doing the next time they meet or where we'll be.

It's going to be really tough what ever happens but neither of us will ever forget  tonight.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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