Friday, 20 November 2015

The Junior Doctors Strike 2015.

The Junior Doctors have voted to go on strike;

The regulator has pointed out that they can be struck off the register if they do.

The Patients Association has condemned their action.

What's the Blog's view?

Jeremy Hunt wants 7 day week working but he isn't prepared to pay for it. As a result of a failure to agree new contract terms, 37,700 Junior Doctors in England voted; 99% for some action, 98% for a full strike. 
It's nonsense to suggest that any doctor could be struck off for going on strike; it's a human right. Even under the Tories anti Union legislation if the ballot is carried out's legal.
It's almost impossible to get an incompetent Doctor struck off so there is no way they can take disciplinary action against 37,700. Apart from anything else it would take about 20 years.
Patients are more likely to be harmed by tired, depressed and overworked Doctors than by a one day strike where there will be Consultant cover.

I'm very firmly backing the strikers.

I have a little operation planned on 26th November but as long as I'm fit enough to make it, I'll be back on the picket line to show my solidarity.

The dates for industrial action are:
  • 08:00 GMT 1 December to 08:00 GMT 2 December (junior doctors to staff emergency care)
  • 08:00 GMT to 17:00 8 December (full strike)
  • 08:00 GMT to 17:00 16 December (full strike)
I'll be there!

Neil Harris
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