Monday, 25 January 2016

A very special announcement.

Mr Neil A. Harris and Ms Robyn G. May would like to announce the occasion of their engagement to be married.

Last week after my hospital appointment, we rushed off on the Tube to;

The home of jewellery in London. It brought back many memories - I used to work at the nearby meat market and occasionally we drank with some of the jewellery people.

It's a little closed world of three or four little streets lined with jewellery shops, workshops, pawnshops, an assay office and a bizarre collection of people all connected to the sparkly world of gems.

We hadn't been able to find what we wanted on the high street, so this was where we had to come.

We spent the afternoon looking at every shop in the area, only avoiding some of little markets where jewellers can only afford a stand or a table.

In the end, we came back to a shop we liked, with people we trusted and tried on some rings.

We didn't get what we'd set out to find - Robyn fell in love with a particular ring and there wasn't anything I could do to get her  to look at anything else.

This is the moment!

It was very emotional, the end of a long and very hard day.

We had a wait for the ring to come back from a workshop up the street to be sized (that's how it works) and they even gave us a cup of coffee while we waited!

When we left it was dark and the shop had shut for the day;

Would Robyn say yes?
Where was I going to ask her?
In the end I drove her up to London on Sunday, when I thought the traffic would be quiet. Instead it was frantic - road works everywhere, traffic jams, no parking - a nightmare ride through south London. 
I headed for London Bridge and the Shard by way of several river crossings and closed off streets.
We were aiming for City Hall and the little park next to it with a view of Tower bridge.
This is Robyn's favourite view in London, it's a place she dreamed of visiting all her life and where she spent a day when she first came here on holiday;
Really perfect;
A perfect place to go down on a rather creaky bended knee to ask if Robyn would marry me.
She said yes, and the ring is growing on me;
I am very lucky that anyone would take me on.
We walked along the river, holding hands and being very silly.
Marvelling at a skyline that seems to change every day;
We looked at shops;
And watched the sun come down over London Town;
The City of London;

And two very happy people in love;
I've now got dates for Chemotherapy, so we have a tough old time ahead, a wedding to organise and adventures still to be had.
It's official;
We are engaged!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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