Sunday, 3 January 2016

My Site of Special Scientific Interest.

I had a particularly miserable and painful Saturday spent getting cold and wet and not getting the things I needed to get in town.
And I've also caught a cold which I really didn't need right now.
So as I struggled back to my car I took a picture or two of my Lichen;

I'm really proud of it although Robyn is unimpressed to say the least.

On the very rare occasions when my car gets any kind of clean, I've been careful to leave the two patches alone.

As you can see they are thriving;

Lichen is a funny mixture of bacteria and funghi - they aren't like any other living thing. So it's a kind of privilege that they have made a home on my car.

Even more exciting is that it is only growing on the passenger side because when the car is parked that side faces due north.

So the old tale that you can find north by looking at where the lichen grows may well be true.

Perhaps I should have my car declared a 'Site of Special Scientific Interest'?

I could organise field trips.

Neil Harris
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