Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Homeless Shelter.

As you can see, everything is ready for the arrival of some of west London's homeless to arrive - this is the hall at Robyn's church. I'm most definitely not religious but I'm happy to help out - homeless and vulnerable people were a big part of my working life.

This year I'm not much help to anyone but there were plenty of other volunteers there. The scheme is supported by Hounslow Council and the churches with facilities take it in turns each night to provide accommodation, a hot meal and some company.

We were really pleased to see 'Shakespeare' who we got to know last year. In the time since then he's got accommodation, got his life straight and now he comes back as a volunteer just like us only he helps with translating.

I was glad to see that he still has something of a Mohican haircut.

We had a great evening - we look forward to it. There was good company, a game of dominoes and a really nice meal too. We'll come back next week, if I'm up to it.

Remember, any one of us is just a step or two away from the streets.

Neil Harris
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