Sunday, 31 January 2016

Straight outta Chemo with Eat the Evidence.

Friday night, Straight Outta Chemo with a bandage on my hand and a hospital bracelet on my wrist.

Well at least I did take my temperature before we went out and I was feeling OK........really I was.

Robyn and me, the last time we saw this band was over a year ago at the last night of The Hob in Staines. We'd promised ourselves we'd catch them again but I was either ill or they were too far away.

And these day's they've long since shaken off the dust of Staines for the bright lights of London.

This time they were back in Harrow at The Trinity Bar:

This was a fairly riotous party - most of the band originally came from round here - the upstairs bar was full of their skateboard punk rocker friends.

Now I was a punk and a skateboarder but that was about a hundred years ago.

This is from another time;

Eat the Evidence are huge fun, mixing high energy Ska, Reggae and a hint of Punk played on a series of increasingly inappropriate instruments.

Oh and they offer some insightful and helpful legal advice too.

They are Jack Lattimer, Tom Lattimer, Ric Lygo, Joe Bartlett, Michael Saminaden.

This is a ukele - not my favourite instrument at all;

Luckily they didn't let us miss a note;

And the mighty accordion. of course;

I'm dreading that they take up the trombone, my least favourite instrument of all time.

Where else would you go to hear philosophical questions;

"This is the question that's worrying the human race
Which came first, the drum or the bass?"

Of course the real highlight was singing along to that great hit of yesteryear "Tories go to Waitrose", which now has a new section entirely devoted to "Lloyd Grossman".

I was very pleased that 'Eat The Evidence' were on the line up at the festival organised by the Labour Movement in Manchester to protest against the Tory conference last autumn.

And we were presented with the band's 'difficult second album' titled "The sequel to a CD you never had".

Which is true.

Robyn and me have been arguing about the title and lyrics of 'The Van Song' for over a year now. Robyn insists that it's really called 'The Band Song'.

"I really like your van, it reminds me of the van I used to be in when I used to be in bands.
I really like your van, it's the kind of van I'm going to buy when I stop being in bands"

Thanks to the CD, I now realise that it's actually called 'Delusions of Grunger' and now we've got nothing left to talk about any more.


And of course you also get a new version of "You only say you love me when you're high".

This is a funny, witty, exciting band that writes all it's own material and mixes politics with great dancehall music.

Who else would ever play a song about 'Colonialism?

Who knows, we may have to venture out on the Underground one night to catch them up in the big, big city.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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  1. Excellent gig review and great photos! Thanks for coming guys!

  2. We had a great time, hope to see you soon.