Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Osterley and Spring Grove Underground Station.

When I came out of Osterley Park I wandered down to The Osterley Bookshop, now nearly 50 years old and a local institution.

Obviously it's a second hand bookshop but it's also home to an eclectic collection of antiques, greetings cards, comics, postcards, practical jokes and even fresh eggs;

The bookshop inhabits a part of the old Underground station which closed in 1934 when they built The Great West Road and the station relocated further up the line.

You can still see the ghosts of the old platforms; 

The bookshop was always a shop, the archway in the middle was the entrance to the ticket office and led to a bridge down to the platforms. You can just make out the bricked up archway to the left side of the bookshop;

You can still see the old name board on the building to the right, which is now an accountants office.

There are many websites devoted to 'ghost' stations which range from quite boring ones like Osterley to the more exciting ones like 'British Museum' which you can just make out as you fly through the tunnel. It still has antique posters on the walls as it is used every so often by film crews as is 'Aldwych' which is also a film set.

Anyway, here's Osterley in the 1930's before it closed; 

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