Saturday, 30 January 2016

Chemotherapy Day One.

Well, I feel a bit of a fraud. By the time I got to Chemo I was so pumped up with steroids I was having the first pain free period for 15 months.

It's like when you take an ill old dog to the vet and they say there's not much wrong but they'll give it an injection. You get home and the old dog's running around like a puppy; 

I know it's not going to last; I consulted Dr Robyn and we both agreed that this is going to be cumulative - by the time I've had the next few cycles I'll be singing a different tune.

In the mean time, I feel OK. I was fascinated by one of my fellow patients who had an infusion that was coloured bright blue.

Mine was much more boring;

Just a lot of hanging around;

And a brand new passport, with something about not drinking?!

This is Robyn's portrait of me - I still have eyebrows here but I don't think that's going to last very long;

So we got home and I had a clear choice - do I stay in for a quiet night with a warming milk drink and an early night or should I take advantage of this crazy steroid buzz I'm enjoying?

Tell you tomorrow.

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