Friday, 15 January 2016

Midnight cruisers; Stanley Dee at The Horns.

Well, I've been told it's likely that Chemo starts next week although I haven't got a date yet.

We decided to take a trip out in the cold all the way to Watford to see Stanley Dee at The Horns;

Which is one of the few great pub venues left in this part of the world - good sound system and even a mirror ball or two;

Stanley Dee perform the hits of Steely Dan and have a loyal following in this part of the world, who get off on the Dan's quirky and strange take on the world set to some sophisticated Jazz sounds;

The band were in great form even if we missed a couple of our favourite numbers as they tried out a few less well known ones.

Here's the fabulous horn section playing at 'The Horns';

We've watched the group grow over the last few years - they are now up to eleven and The Horns is one of the few venues able to contain them on the same stage.

The band members are;

Don Ellis Drums, Mark McCormack Bass, Keith Jones keyboards, Derek Walker Saxophone, Steve Joy Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Acoustic Guitar, Darren Spicer Guitar, Katie Ayres Vocals, Jen Good Vocals, Amelia Rendall Vocals, Cavan Daly lead Vocals, Paul Davey Saxophone, 

Stanley Dee don't just capture the sophisticated sounds of Steely Dan, they are also a lot of fun.

For a Thursday in Watford it doesn't get much better.

We saw some familiar faces - people like us who secretly love this music and still want to catch it live. There was dancing and plenty to sing along to as well.

Great guitar solos, some fine music from the brass section, instantly recognisable keyboards and four vocalists too.

A great night out which only ended at midnight.

Sadly, I was hobbling back to the car by the end of it!

Neil Harris
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