Friday, 1 January 2016

No more hand washing!

New Year's Eve was stressful; waiting for our washing machine to arrive, which took most of the day.

I wasn't looking forward to it because when the old one was delivered the well known electrical retailer wouldn't install it and it cost a fortune to get it done. I swore I'd do it myself 'next' time, except in the meantime I broke my back.

The same happened with the cooker a few years ago - they invented a different reason to leave us with two cookers neither of which was working.

I got so annoyed I dismantled the old cooker myself and took it to the dump in pieces.

Anyway this time I ended up going for a New Year's Eve walk around the village to try and wind down. I ended up walking far too far.

I marvelled at some trees that had rushed into blossom a bit early this mild December;

Then again, country lore says that a lot of berries means a cold winter.....

I made a new friend;

And then the well known electrical retailer arrived and even more amazingly they fitted the new machine and took away the old one.

No more hand washing for me!

It was like losing a member of the family - for the last few years I had to hit it in a certain way to stop the warning lights from coming on.

Well it worked for me - we had it for 17 years;

I bet the new one won't last that long!

We had a nice New Year's Eve; we watched TV, had a drink and a dance and wished in the new year.

2016 is going to be such a tough, tough year.

We're going to need some really big adventures just to get through it.

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