Saturday, 16 January 2016

A year ago with Langston Galloway.

I can't believe it's a year ago we went to see 'The Knicks' play at The O2.

Robyn's cousin Langston Galloway got the chance of his life - a ten day contract with The New York Knicks - just when they were having their worst ever season and when they were playing an NBA game in London.

It meant that (thanks to Lang) we got the fabulous chance to see the game from the best seats in the house - right behind the Knicks bench!

At the other end of the  stadium, behind 'The Bucks' bench were The Arsenal footballers and Thierry Henri. That's how special it was.

Do you like my banner?

We'll never forget it and after the game Lang came over to see Robyn and I had a chance to take this picture; 

It's really special and, I must admit, I was really worried that it wouldn't come out.

Lang got a second ten day contract (he was very impressive at The O2) and then a two year contract.

Nowadays he's on the Megatron at Madison Square Garden and his picture is at the entrance to all The Knicks games but last year we saw him when he got his big break and it's a very special memory.

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